Custom - Team discs

Small Orders

Custom discs just from 1 piece!

This way of imprinting (colorful imprint on foil/ PVC sticker) is recommended for small series, for example, to donate disc with a common photo of your friends and so on.

The sticker is applied to the UltiPro BLANK disc and you can combine colors of discs with stickers.

Sticker dimensions - circle with a diameter up to 170mm.
Graphical documents in high resolution (200 DPI) in standard formats jpg, png, pdf, ai, svg.
Short time to production and delivery, usually within 14-21 days for EU-customers.
Cost of printing for the end consumer - now free - you pay only for a disc.
Cost of delivery according to business conditions.
We are looking forward to your orders sent by e-mail:

All professional discs suitable for printing, which we have in stock in Trnava, you can find in the Ultimate discs department under the name UltiPro BLANK.
Example of foil imprint


All the UltiPro discs are made of a special plastic material according to dimensions  of the World Federation (WFDF).

Large Orders

MOQ 100 pieces.
Hot stamping is a professional printing technology and to their specific procedures (production matrix) needs to be done in the producer factory.

This method is, however, limited to a maximum three-color graphics and it is necessary to maintain a distance between colors min. 1mm and also not to use the lines thinner than 1mm.

The maximum printing area is a circle with a diameter of 170mm.

For this way of production we offer these two options.

Rush Order - at any time during the year
UltiPro disc (MOQ 100 pcs) 1-colored hot stamp: 8,00 EUR / 2-colored: 9,00 EUR / 3-colored: 10,00 EUR
Ultra-Star disc (MOQ 100 pcs) 1-colored hot stamp: 12,50 EUR / 2-colored: 14,20 EUR

Ultra-Star disc (over 200 pcs) 1-colored hot stamp: 10,80 EUR / 2-colored: 12,50 EUR
Production and delivery time usually within 5-6 weeks.
Unit price excluding VAT and delivery (only SVK free shipping).

Economy Order - Pre-Order before the season
UltiPro disc (MOQ 100 pcs) 1-colored hot stamp: 7,00 EUR / 2-colored: 8,00 EUR / 3-colored: 9,00 EUR
Ultra-Star disc (MOQ 100 pcs) 1-colored hot stamp: 9,00 EUR / 2-colored: 10,50 EUR

Ultra-Star disc (over 200 pcs) 1-colored hot stamp: 8,00 EUR / 2-colored: 9,00 EUR
Very good price with a longer delivery time due to sea shipping, which varies between 8-10 weeks.
Unit price excluding VAT and delivery.

Regardless of which kind of order you selected, we will need your graphic design (multicolored printing each color separately and together) and after its approval your payment in advance according to our Proforma invoice.
Example of 3-color graphic.










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