We love frisbee



We like the flying discs aka Frisbee! It's our fun and also business.

Frisbee wholesale and distribution of sports flying discs we established in 2004 and our website is presented under the name discline.com or you can visit us on _ too.

Mr. Roman Miezga (CEO) is a former player of the Slovak National Team and the Outsiterz, Bratislava Ultimate team.

Professional sport discs from the company Discraft, USA  we are importing on our market since 2004.

Since 2010, we are the sole distributor of the UltiPro discs from the Yikunsports, China.

Our activities are also aimed at promoting and developing sports discs. We are participating at exhibitions, festivals and tournaments and support players and teams at any level.

We are an official partner of The Slovak association of Frisbee (SAF) .

In summer 2011 we participated at European Ultimate Championships in Maribor as the official frisbee merchandiser and of course as the Slovak frisbee supporter.

A few our videos you can find at YouTube - EUC 2011 Maribor.


A lot of photos you can find at: Ultimate Frisbee -  EUC 2011.

EUC 2011 Maribor - final game open GB vs SWE


Our goal is to offer both - recreational users, or active players - the highest quality sportdiscs, so you can enjoy the pleasure of the game, or free throwing at a maximum level.

We keep the principles of the Spirit Of The Game at our business.

Spirit Of The Game (SOTG - the rules and spirit of the game in order to maintain the highest competitive while maintaining a good sense of the game) is in the game Ultimate Frisbee unique award,

which receives a team in the tournament from its rivals and is comparable to winning the tournament itself.

We believe that all of you will always have a good feeling as from our discs, as from our cooperation.

In Trnava, January 2011.

Yours DISCLINE team


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