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Majstrovstvá Európy 2008 hráčov do 17 rokov v Ultimate Vám priniesli EFDF, Slovenská asociácia frisbee, Outsiterz Ultimate tím a

Táto ´spomienková´ časť našich webstránok je venovaná historicky prvému podujatiu širsieho európskeho významu v hre Ultimate, ktoré sme na Slovensku organizovali.
Ďakujeme všetkým účastníkom a dobrovoľníkom!

The European Under 17 Ultimate Championship 2008 brought to you by EFDF, Slovak Frisbee Association, Outsiterz Ultimate team and

This ´reminiscent´ part of our website is dedicated to the historical first Ultimate event in a wider european range which was organized in our country.
Thanks all the participants and volunteers!

News - 10 July:
see more pictures from the championships at section: Photos or Belgian collection on Flickr.

Thanks a lot everyone for your participation at this great event. See you next time! keep ultimating :-)

News - 7th July:
All results and Final Standing are posted !!! Photos will be posted soon...

News - 3rd July:
European Ultimate Championship U17 Group on was started. We glad if you upload your pictures (comments) from tourney afterwards...

Tournament schedule

Hot News - 30 June:
Last week was very hot and sunshine in Slovakia. This week we expect coming more rainy days, but still nice and warm.
Don´t forget your hats, caps and waterproof sun creams and oils with a high protection factor.
Our staff plans to build a few shade zone, but be carefull to follow a refreshing regime.

Forecast on this week:
Thursday: Clear. High: 32° C. Wind South 10 km/h.
Friday: Chance of Rain. Partly Cloudy. High: 26° C. Wind NW 25 km/h.
Saturday: Chance of Rain. Partly Cloudy. High: 28° C. Wind North 10 km/h.
Sunday: Partly Cloudy. High: 31° C. Wind WSW 10 km/h.
For more info visit:

Old News

“It’s now been decided that it will be a three day event, starting Friday July 4, with final placement games and finals on Sunday July 6.
The fees have therefore been adjusted somewhat.
We’ve got feedback from some countries, but from others we’re missing this.
If you’re considering participation at the moment and working on getting a team/teams together, please let us know, and we’ll put you down as “interested”.
It doesn’t mean you are registering, you can still cancel if things don’t work out, but it’s good for other nations to know which countries are trying to work things out.

Pick-up teams/ individuals:

Would you like to participate and you have no team?
All individual players are welcome!
The aim is that every U17 or Junior player that wants to play at the event should be able to do this!
Check Teams page

4-6 july 2008 - 3-days tournament (Friday-Sunday).
place: two football fields/ 4 ulti/ & one training field at the sporting area ASK Slavia" 4-6 july 2008 - 3-days tournament (Friday-Sunday). Rybnikova ul. 15, Trnava, Slovakia.

Preliminary notice of interest:
Please email us ASAP:
1) how many teams you plan to send, and in which division they plan to play
3) approximate number of players/coaches/leaders/guests for each team
4) which lodging option they prefer

1. camping area for 60 tents/ 120 people - 50m distance to fields ( bring your own tents & sleeping bags!)
2. student hostel with 110 2-beds rooms/ for maximum 220 people - 300m distance to fields.
It’s quick, easy and safe to move between the fields, the camping and the hostel/dining hall which all are in the same area.

go to section ACCOMMODATION

There is no access to internet on the sporting area, but in the city there are a number of Internet Cafés.

Confirmation and deposit payment:

JUNE 15, 2008 (go to section FEES)

- by this date we need your definite confirmation, registration of players and also deposit payment, which is the team fee (WEC 200,- EUR, EEC 100,- EUR).


The European Under 17 Ultimate Championships 2008 (EU17EUC2008) will be held in Trnava, Slovakia in 2 divisions: U17 Open and U17 Girls (born in 1992 or later).

There will also be an international tournament, "Flat Flip Junior Tournament", for the Junior Open and Junior Women divisions (born in 1989 or later).

Most likely the U17 Girls and Jr Women divisions will combine to get more games, but separate result tables will be calculated counting only the games between the teams in each division so finals + placement games can be played for each division.

Pls notice, if you don't have enough players for a certain division, combination teams with players from different countries but belonging to the same division is encouraged. Based on earlier competitions, EFDF has noticed this is most enjoyed by the players. "Overaged" players can be accepted, but will be dealt with on a case-to-case basis. Enquiries conc this should be emailed to EFDF contact Paul Eriksson. Pls notice combination teams and teams with "overaged" players cannot play for medals (semis) in the U17 divisions.

The earlier idea of also offering Open and Womens divisions is cancelled due to low interest.

Getting to Trnava
If you arrive at the Bratislava airport, connecting buses going directly to the lodging can be organized for a low price. Pls let us know asap if you will need this and inform the TD Roman (roman (at) ) about the time and number of your flight arrivals.

Very special participants
The players in this tournament are the youngest at international Frisbeesports championship events. And in this regard organisers have given special attention concerning the safety and security during the activities planned in the tournament days. Two of staff will be focusing only on these aspects during the competition.

Please make sure each participant and coach/guest on beforehand has filled in the waiver concerning liability and insurance; please also note the required signature from a parent/guardian. Each team has to hand over these waivers for the entire roster to the organizers before they are allowed to start playing.
Waiver for download

Tournament organization:

Tournament Director: Roman Miezga
Email: roman (at)
Phone: ++421 33 5334614

EFDF contact: Paul Eriksson
Email: paul.eriksson (at)
Phone: ++ 46 733 783 257

Official sponsors of Tournament: