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Owner of the on-line internet e-shop www.discline.com is a company called Luigi, spol. s r.o. (Luigi Ltd.).
Business headquarters: J. Hlubika street 18, ZIP: 917 01, city: Trnava, country: Slovakia, EU.

Business-ID: 36240761, VAT-ID: SK2020165807

Office: Stefanikova street 5, 2nd floor, ZIP: 917 01, city: Trnava, country: Slovakia, EU.
ph./ fax: +421 - 33 - 533 4614, e-mail: inquiryATdiscline.com

Shop: CD AQUARIUS - Rock Shop, Stefanikova street 5, ZIP: 917 01, city: Trnava, country: Slovakia, EU.
ph./ fax: +421 - 33 - 5511 229, e-mail: cdaquariusATdiscline.com


Customer service:
If you need information about our offer, situation of your order & so on, please contact:
Office, ph./ fax: +421 - 33 - 5334614, e-mail: inquiryATdiscline.com.
contact person: Roman Miezga

You can order goods and buy on-line. If you do not want to buy on-line, we are prepared to accept your orders by post, fax or e-mail. Office: Stefanikova street 5, 2nd floor, 917 01 Trnava, Slovakia, ph./ fax: +421 - 33 - 533 4614, e-mail: sales.frisbeeATdiscline.com.

In our online store we are ready to process the orders of customers from all EU member countries and from almost all over the world.
We would welcome cooperation with other retailers.

We try to have all the goods in stock, but sometimes some item can be sold out. In that case we will inform you about the nearest delivery date.

Prices, VAT & Duties:
Prices in the retail section are for end users and are shown in the EUR currency including 20% Tax, excluding postage, which is applied according to the table below.
Please remember that when ordering goods for delivery outside the EU, you are considered the importer of the goods and must comply with all laws and regulations of the country in which you are receiving the goods. You may also be subject to import duties and taxes levied by your local customs offices. We have no control over the application or level of duties and taxes that may be charged for the import of your goods.

The shipping costs for your order depend on two elements:
the total value of your order and shipping address. See the table below.

Postage & Package:
Table of calculating postage for shipments (except Discgolf Baskets*) in the retail section for each target destination.

Total Amount:              P&P SVK          P&P CZE         P&P EU countries      P&P non-EU

10 – 29,- EUR              2,-EUR            2,-EUR                3,-EUR                  4,-EUR

30 – 49,- EUR              0,- (free)          2,-EUR                3,-EUR                  8,-EUR

50 99,- EUR              0,-                    0,- (free)             3,-EUR                12,-EUR

100 199,- EUR           0,-                    0,-                     0,- (free)               12,-EUR

from 200,- EUR            0,-                    0,-                     0,- (free)               0,- (free)

Minimum Total Amount for shopping is 10,-EUR including VAT, excluding P&P.

* Table of calculating postage for shipments of Discgolf Baskets in the retail section for each target destination.

Each 1 Basket:              P&P SVK          P&P CZE         P&P EU countries      P&P non-EU

weight cca 30kg             20,-EUR            30,-EUR           40,-EUR                    120,-EUR

Goods is shipped from our warehouse as soon as possible from the processing of your order. Usually within two to three days. Delivery takes about 3-5 days, depends on your country destination.
We use 1st class parcel services of The Slovak Post or GLS/ Euro Business Parcel.

All retail customers (outside Slovakia) may pay by bank (wire) transfer in advance, or via PayPal only.

Payment by bank transfer:
If you choose this option, so after you submit your order you will receive an e-mail, which contains complete information about your order and also our banking details upon which you can make payment by bank transfer. Please, enter the number of your order as a Variable code in the payment order. After the payment is credited to our account, we will send the goods, it may take about 2-3 days.

Payment via PayPal:
With this option, you will be redirected after submitting the order to the PayPal web site where you log in to your account and you can make a payment online. At the same time you will receive an e-mail, which contains complete information about your order and payment method. After making the PayPal payment both (buyer and seller) will be informed by an e-mail about the payment transaction and it will allow us to ship the goods to the customer immediately. It's faster than the Payment by bank transfer.

We give two years´ guarantee.
Nobody is perfect, so it can happen that there will be a hidden defect and in that case we will change the disc or we will refund you the money.
We do not accept the complaints that were caused by the uncorrect using.


in Trnava, January 2011.

Other conditions are governed by The Slovak Commercial Laws.


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Sales & Customer service: ph./fax: +421 33 5334614  |  © 2011 LUIGI, spol. s r.o., All rights reserved.